In the world there are 634 million web pages (December 2012)

Women are doing much better in running an online store than men

94% of smartphone users access local recommendations from Google

Within 60 seconds there are 80 new domains registered in the world

Most effective day to implement e-mail marketing campaign is Thursday

The average person is staring at phone an average of 34 times a day

The most effective way to promote your online store is search engine optimization

Facebook has each month 1 billion active users

80% of the websites have a background in bright color tones

Almost every other shop is run by a woman. Ladies do well in this area.

Within 60 seconds there are more than 200 e-mails send

43% of people use a smartphone to plan their travel

48% of people think that if a website doesn't display well on mobile devices that the company doesn't care about clients

Within 60 seconds Google notes 2000000 search queries

Frequent updating of the website has a very beneficial effect on the SEO results

17.4% of all page visitors come from mobile devices

The average amount of cart value in Poland in online stores is 80 €

Most popular items sold in online stores are: games, electronics, movies, books and clothes

Online shopping is slightly dominated by men (54%)

The annual cost of the fight against cybercrime is 110 billion dollars

The most popular form of payment in online stores is bank transfer, the least popular methods of payment by credit card

Best hour to implement an e-mail marketing campaign is 8:00

Products hardly available in online stores are: drugs, furniture, linen, and in particular food

By the year 2112, Facebook will be more than 750 million accounts of dead people

66% of users of tablets and smartphones believes that the long load time is frustrating

On the Internet, there is also a fashion. Customize the look website to trends beneficial effect on visitors

More than 70% of queries typed in the search engines after 18:00 is colored erotic

Most cost-effective product in online stores are cosmetics - buying them online will allow you to safe up to 18% of price

The most common programming language for creating web pages is PHP

70% of Internet users prefer to know the companies by product, rather than through advertising. From this it follows that Internet users do not trust advertising

The total value of all the online stores in Poland amounts to 5.33 billion zł

The average smartphone user leaves the website, if that will load more than 5 seconds

The most common operating system polish smartphones is Android (59%) and the second iOS (38%)

In 2012, Google search queries sent 1.2 trillion. Assuming that there are 6 billion people on Earth, each used it 200 times

2.1 billion people worldwide use the mobile Internet

68.8% of all outgoing e-mail is spam

87% of websites have their own search engine. This makes it easier life because users do not have to examine the whole page

Almost 95% of people in Poland use the Google search engine. In second place is the Bing with a score of 1.73%

Within 60 seconds, the world produced 571 new websites

Most popular browser in Poland is Mozilla Firefox (41%), as the other is Google Chrome (29%) and the third is the Internet Explorer (16%)

55% of transactions on the Internet begins with entering phrases in search

69% of tablet users use them to make purchases online at least once a month

46% of people uses smartphone for mobile banking

A man hasn't been hired as office cleaners because they do not have their own e-mail account

The current mobile devices have up to 600 screen resolution. In 2012 there were only 320

Annually a 7 million Poles falls a victiom of cybercrime - it's 3 times more than the falls from the flu

Average speed of Internet is 2.3 Mbps which gives the average load time of 6.7 seconds website

24.3% of the 10,000 most popular websites in the world has integration with Facebook

If a company has 100 employees, who receive daily 15 e-mails, that within one year the cost of spam is 11 500 €

4 out of 10 users of social networks is the victim of cyber criminals

CMS based website makes it's administration as easy as using MS Word

In the first quarter of 2013, Google Analytics recognized up to 435 different models of mobile devices

In 2012, on the internet there are 51 million web pages including 27 of our authorship

67% of people uses smartphone for online shopping

Over 50% of online shops in Poland is run by one or two people

58% of websites use Google Analytics to check your site statistics

Internet users prefer to do shopping in online stores if shipping is absolutely free

Last year, a victim of online scams and attacks fell 45% of Internet users

The most common position of the logo on the website is the top-left corner. It where visitors looks for it

In 2015 the total value of the Internet market in Poland will reach the threshold of 17 billion €, as many as 4.1% of GDP

The world is more than 2.2 billion users of e-mail, and each day it is sent 144 billion e-mail messages

Only 14% of the websites visible in the network use HTML5 technology

Corporate identity

Consistent visual identification system in responsible not only for creating a solid brand but also marking out products and services from thousand of competing.

Regardless of the activities related to the development of online image it's still important to maintain the image offline by creating the brand and it's visual identity. Well created and positioned brand is the key to success and build a coherent image of the company. The visual identification system created by our company includes: logo, business card, letterhead, folder bids, binders, notebooks, envelopes or font. All designed for the need of the corporate identity element are available in electronic form and intender to be modified. CI designed by our company can also be used when starting a business on the Internet, f.e. when creating a website or an image-building in social media.

In order to achieve a success in advertisement you must be properly prepared - that's why it is so important to have good image of the company and it's corporate identity. Brand image is build on the basis of what customers perceive and what they think about it. A strong brand should be visible at every step. Distinctive visual identity, noticeable at every turn will help to build a positive image of the company. Benefits from consistent visual identity are increasing brand awareness in the eyes of customer, distincts you from the competition and make it easier to identify your company or products for suppliers and customers - and the coherence of all marketing and advertising activities build up with modern approach to building company's prestige and identity among employees.

corporate identity

Brand book

Caring about the proper use of the image of the company and participating in numerous events it easier to manage it with a brand book which clearly interprets how to use the trademarks.

Expanded and more comprehensive approach to the creation of the comapny's image in the eyes of consumers and business partners is having own brand book. The content defines not only the image of the brand - it also contains a list of rules that must be follow while using and distributing your trademarks, f.e. on advertisements or graphic designs or while displaying your logo on promotional materials during the sponsorship. The brand book contains:


  • description of colors
  • logo in different variants (vertical, horizonstal, signet)
  • the proper use of logo in combination with different colors
  • improper ways of use and modifying logo
  • "security field"
  • the minimum size of sign
  • prohibitions on logo
  • dimensional grid of logo

Business branding

  • business card designs
  • tamps designs
  • letterhead design
  • briefcase design
  • notepad design
  • envelopes design
  • multimedia presentation template
  • printings on CD or DVD
  • and many others


  • defining font typefaces
  • determining headlines, plain text and signatures

Color schemes

  • basic colors
  • complementary colors

Marking the company

  • internal markings (signs, tables)
  • vehicles marking
  • corporate clothes

Examples of use

  • on promotional gadgets
  • printing materials tempaltes
  • examples of outdoor adverts