In the world there are 634 million web pages (December 2012)

Women are doing much better in running an online store than men

94% of smartphone users access local recommendations from Google

Within 60 seconds there are 80 new domains registered in the world

Most effective day to implement e-mail marketing campaign is Thursday

The average person is staring at phone an average of 34 times a day

The most effective way to promote your online store is search engine optimization

Facebook has each month 1 billion active users

80% of the websites have a background in bright color tones

Almost every other shop is run by a woman. Ladies do well in this area.

Within 60 seconds there are more than 200 e-mails send

43% of people use a smartphone to plan their travel

48% of people think that if a website doesn't display well on mobile devices that the company doesn't care about clients

Within 60 seconds Google notes 2000000 search queries

Frequent updating of the website has a very beneficial effect on the SEO results

17.4% of all page visitors come from mobile devices

The average amount of cart value in Poland in online stores is 80 €

Most popular items sold in online stores are: games, electronics, movies, books and clothes

Online shopping is slightly dominated by men (54%)

The annual cost of the fight against cybercrime is 110 billion dollars

The most popular form of payment in online stores is bank transfer, the least popular methods of payment by credit card

Best hour to implement an e-mail marketing campaign is 8:00

Products hardly available in online stores are: drugs, furniture, linen, and in particular food

By the year 2112, Facebook will be more than 750 million accounts of dead people

66% of users of tablets and smartphones believes that the long load time is frustrating

On the Internet, there is also a fashion. Customize the look website to trends beneficial effect on visitors

More than 70% of queries typed in the search engines after 18:00 is colored erotic

Most cost-effective product in online stores are cosmetics - buying them online will allow you to safe up to 18% of price

The most common programming language for creating web pages is PHP

70% of Internet users prefer to know the companies by product, rather than through advertising. From this it follows that Internet users do not trust advertising

The total value of all the online stores in Poland amounts to 5.33 billion zł

The average smartphone user leaves the website, if that will load more than 5 seconds

The most common operating system polish smartphones is Android (59%) and the second iOS (38%)

In 2012, Google search queries sent 1.2 trillion. Assuming that there are 6 billion people on Earth, each used it 200 times

2.1 billion people worldwide use the mobile Internet

68.8% of all outgoing e-mail is spam

87% of websites have their own search engine. This makes it easier life because users do not have to examine the whole page

Almost 95% of people in Poland use the Google search engine. In second place is the Bing with a score of 1.73%

Within 60 seconds, the world produced 571 new websites

Most popular browser in Poland is Mozilla Firefox (41%), as the other is Google Chrome (29%) and the third is the Internet Explorer (16%)

55% of transactions on the Internet begins with entering phrases in search

69% of tablet users use them to make purchases online at least once a month

46% of people uses smartphone for mobile banking

A man hasn't been hired as office cleaners because they do not have their own e-mail account

The current mobile devices have up to 600 screen resolution. In 2012 there were only 320

Annually a 7 million Poles falls a victiom of cybercrime - it's 3 times more than the falls from the flu

Average speed of Internet is 2.3 Mbps which gives the average load time of 6.7 seconds website

24.3% of the 10,000 most popular websites in the world has integration with Facebook

If a company has 100 employees, who receive daily 15 e-mails, that within one year the cost of spam is 11 500 €

4 out of 10 users of social networks is the victim of cyber criminals

CMS based website makes it's administration as easy as using MS Word

In the first quarter of 2013, Google Analytics recognized up to 435 different models of mobile devices

In 2012, on the internet there are 51 million web pages including 27 of our authorship

67% of people uses smartphone for online shopping

Over 50% of online shops in Poland is run by one or two people

58% of websites use Google Analytics to check your site statistics

Internet users prefer to do shopping in online stores if shipping is absolutely free

Last year, a victim of online scams and attacks fell 45% of Internet users

The most common position of the logo on the website is the top-left corner. It where visitors looks for it

In 2015 the total value of the Internet market in Poland will reach the threshold of 17 billion €, as many as 4.1% of GDP

The world is more than 2.2 billion users of e-mail, and each day it is sent 144 billion e-mail messages

Only 14% of the websites visible in the network use HTML5 technology

Search engine

In comparision with other form of promotion, SEO is the most effective form of online advertising. The process of monitoring the effects due to dedicated, selfdeveloped software is also easy for the customer.

In short - SEO is about achieving by customer's site as high position in the organic search engine results with selected keywords (for both commercian and reputational purpose). To optimize website for search engines we need to work on continuous optimization, analyzing bot explicit and implicit measures of competition and tracking ongoing changes in Google Search Engine algoritm. The main reason why SEO is so important is it's neutral receive in search engine results page. In other words - SEO in the eyes of customer isn't consider as advertising, which is why this is best and most trustworthy form of promotion.

At the beginning of each cooperation in the field of SEO management we're performing numbers of analyzes and detailed discussions with our client in order to determine their needs and goals of campaign. This allows us to properly orient our activities related to th SEO work and prepare advertisement campaign in search engines.

Knowing the customer's needs and the current state presence in the search engines we start to work on the analysis of keywords that can generated most revenue. We analyze both keywords suggested by the client, as well as we investigate trend in Google searches. With such selected database of words we choose the most cost-effective ones and ensure the best returon on investment, thus understanding the behavior of target audience.

Once we have necessary knowledge about needs and goals we are starting to wrok on improving results and attracting new customers from search engines. At very beginning of SEO process we are preparing online visibility audit. In particular, we are auditing website in both technical corectness (semantic structure, scripts etc.), the quality of the information baed in content (both in term of semantic corectness and effectiveness of content marketing), search engine optimization (appropriate structure of document, functionality of interface) and ultimately - we're examinating the profile of incoming links to customer's website. Thus preapred, audited and optimized website is a base to launch our further actions on SEO.

According to the latest trend and the guidelines of Google, as well as on the basis of our analysis of Google algorithm behavior, we are focusing on most important factor influencing websites positions in SERP for well-optimized websites - it's content. We're preparing attractive (for both users and Google) articles and content.

As part of a long-term cooperation, particularly in the more demanding projects, the whole process of site promotion we are constructing and realising safe linking profiles for website. Looking after good diversification of sources of incoming links, we get them from both general public, popular websites as much as from our own websites. With such a strong links profile, the process is safe while effect are stable.

Across the whole cooperation we're continuously analyzing client's industry and market for presence of their competition in search engine results page. During this daily process we're examinating the performance of the competition (both known and unknown, of which the client didn't realize) and we investigating their SEO strategy, which allows us to take appropriate remedial actions. Analyzing the market and trends in search engines we ofter finds new ways for customer's business which can results in expansion of our client's services/products portfolio and increase the attractiveness of it's offer, as well as revenue.

Our effects

To illustrate the effectiveness of search engine optimization we present our statistics. Search engine optimization increases website ranking in results page which measurably reflects into increased number of visitors.


Number of


Number of


in TOP10




On the chart below we present example statistics for search engine optimized website, it's costs and ROI.

effective seo

I quarter

II quarter

III quarter


SEO effects
income increase
SEO costs

Through the SEO you can:

number of visitors
the profitability of the project
credible communication and sales channels
the image of the company and the potential of the brand
perfectly matched target group interested in company's offer
expenditures on advertising and promotion
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If you have any questions about our offer or you're interested in search engine optimization you should contact our company. We will analyze your website and competition for free!

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SEO Pricing

How much does SEO cost? Our pricing is always custom and depends on your company's profile, your competition and other variables such as short-term and long-term goals, how well is your company ranked now, competetiveness of the industry, competetiveness of the keywords or categories you want to rank for, as well as quality of backlinks currently leading to your website and other marketing methods you're curretly using.

The best pricing model is a mix of per hour consultations, per project pricing scheme and monthly services fee. With such a model there are clearly defined tasks (like a website redesign or technical optimization) and we agree on a hourly rate and monthly ceiling which ensures client about having good results with secured budget. Most common model is monthly pricing which is directly proportional to their results.

Our team of SEO specialists adheres to the statement that without a positive ROI, any marketing campaign (both off- and online) is simply pointless. Every website, company and industry is way different. We analyze and recognize what's the best for each company and structure unique Search Engine Optimization campaign to reach your specific objectives and ensure your success exceeds your expectations. The process behind a strong SEO campaign is complicated, and is constantly being refined to meet the search engines' algorithm updates. You want to ensure that the SEO company you partner with is willing to adapt to the frequent changes search engines make to their algorithm.